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Option 1: - Agent registered and confirmed and forgets password on "Sign-in"

  • Click on "Forgot Password" on the login screen

Forgot Password 1(1)

  • Enter your 10 digit cell phone number to receive an SMS with a new reset password temporary code.

Forgot Password 2(1)

Reset Password

  • On receipt of verification code enter the number on the reset password screen.

  • Set your own password with atleast 6 characters, containing any letter or number.

  • Click on "Reset Password"

  • You will be navigated to Main instruction list screen (if any instructions defined for the workforce field worker)

Forgot Password 3(1)

Option 2: - Agent not registered and clicks on forgets password on "Sign-up"

  • If you have not confirmed your cell number on the application and have forgotten your temporary password or if the temporary password has expired, you can receive a new temporary password by completing the following steps:

    • Enter your cell number on the login screen

    • Enter any temporary password or the expired temporary password

    • Click on "login".

    • You will receive an error message and the "Resend temporary password” button will be activated".

    • Click on "resend temporary password"

Resend Tempoary Password 1

  • Enter your 10-digit cell phone number

Resend Tempoary Password 2

  • Click on "Request Temporary Password"
  • You will now receive an SMS with a new temporary password
  • You can now use this password to sign up and confirm your cell phone number on the application.
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