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  • Instructions can be assigned by either a system administrator or a instruction administrator.
  • Click on "Instructions" on the left side bar and select assign to navigate to the "Assign Instruction" page.

assign instruction(1)

  • You can aslo be navigated to the "Assign instruction" page after you have uploaded Instructions.

assign instruction(2)

  • The page is divided into three sections:

    • Instructions – Green Border Area

      • In this section , you will be able to search for and filter all Unassigned Instructions.

      • You can filter based on a combination of any one of the following criteria:

        • Start and end range

        • Assign deadline

        • The Utility

        • Type of utility

        • Type of instructions

      • To show or hide instructions on the map, you need to tick or untick one of the above filters as shown in the image below. Each filter will indicate how many instructions fall within it.

assign instruction(3)

  • Teams – Blue Border Area

  • This section contains a list of cards. Each card displays information about a team as follows:

    • Information displayed when "Exclamation mark" icon has been clicked
      • Team leader
      • Number of members
      • Date created.

assign instruction(4)

  • Information displayed when "Tick mark" icon has been clicked
    • Total number of Instructions assigned to that team
    • Deadline dates for each instruction.

assign instruction(5)

  • If you click on the highlighted icon the the team information card drop down will close.

assign instruction(6)

  • You have the option to filter which team(S) are displayed by typing in the team name in the filter teams text box.

assign instruction(7)

  • The Map – Red Border Area

  • The selected instructions are shown on the map. You can pan, expand and contract the map.

  • The Zones of the selected team are also displayed on the Map so that you can identify which Teams operate in the area of the Instructions.

  • You also have the ability to search for a specific device on the map based on it’s address.

  • Instructions on the map are marked red if they are un-assigned and turn green once selected

  • If the instructions on the map are grouped together then they highlighted in blue

assign instruction(8)

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